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Ross Miller

Principal Designer and Owner

Graduating from SCI-ARC, a top Architectural School, Ross went on to work and learn from architects such as Frank Gehry, learning invaluable design lessons throughout the years. In 2002, Ross started his own Design firm specializing in personal customization that is unique to each person's style and taste. Each client's first meeting begins with a discussion of their vision and a blank sheet of paper. In his free time, Ross enjoys teaching and practicing yoga for the meditative benefits. His yoga practice transcends to the fluidity of his designs.


Manuel Morales

Project Manager

Graduating from SCI- ARC in 2007, Manuel has always had a passion for photography and exploring the boundaries of design. His passion for photography shines onto the pages of his designs through his attention to detail, spatial understanding, and atmospheric elements. Manuel focuses on the overall presentation of each design from the physical structure to surrounding environment to capture the essence of your vision through his lens.


Guersande Puertolas

Architectural and Interior Designer

From traditional to contemporary designs, Guersande has worked with every style of design and has an uncanny ability to translate your ideas on paper and into real life. Born in France, Guersande was exposed and influenced by the European style from an early age. Her curiosity of different design styles eventually lead her to join the Studio 3 team where she plays a vital role in aesthetic unification and uniformity. In her free time, Guersande continues her childhood pursuit of exploring design types of all cultures and regions by traveling across the globe to witness the splendor and beauty of the world.


Jerry Dominguez

Architectural Designer

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